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Sent BTC from wallet to another, both wallets empty

I wanted to move my bitcoins from Bitcoin QT to Electrum. I took electrum's address, sent it from QT and both wallets are empty. I had to do some critical system funcitons which was the impetus to this move. QT was 50% of my harddrive. I made the move, was too pressed for time to confirm the transaction, and deleted bitcoin folder.
I made a backup of the wallet just in case. A few days later, I noticed the funds never made it to electrum. Loaded the backup on QT just to be sure, and QT is empty as well.
Are the bitcoins gone or can I investigate this further? It was .91 BTC.
edit: Resolved! For anyone who may be having the same issue and searches for this.. There was a lot of good info but litecoin-p2pool pointed out that due to a datadir command I performed to mvoe the directory from C:\ to d:\, I inadvertently created a new wallet. Bringing the original wallet back to d:\ performed a rescan which turned up the coins.
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The bitcoin-qt core wallet in pruned mode, cold storage and scaling: test results.

First a wallet was created in the following way:
bitcoin-qt -connect=wrong_ip_address -prune=550 -listen=0 -datadir=/home/use.bitcoin_pruned &
The trick here is to add a wrong ip address so bitcoin-qt won't start loading blocks. The -listen=0 makes it possible to run bitcoin-qt while bitcoind (as a full archival node) is running in the background on the same computer.
Now some "watch only" addresses, that already had some bitcoin in them, were added
(in bitcoin-qt: help -> Debug window -> Console)
importaddress watch_only_address "" false
The pruned blockchain was then created by inserting the correct ip address (pointing to my node) or by removing "-connect=ip_address" completely.
Because bitcoin-qt was not the only program, creating the pruned blockchain was a very long process that took about 5 days! I could speed up the process a lot by turning off bitcoind and running the pruned node as a bitcoind with some extra priority:
sudo /usbin/ionice -c 2 -n 0 /usbin/nice -n -20 ./bitcoind -datadir=/home/use.bitcoin_pruned/
Had I done that from the start, it could have been much faster and maybe 1 or 2 days would have been enough.
The final pruned blockchain has a size of: 2542 MB so about 2.5 GB.
I now moved the wallet.dat to wallet.dat_back and restarted bitcoin-qt. The program will create a new wallet that can be used to receive and then send transactions. If you now add a private key that already has some bitcoins in it, they will NOT be visible. There is no reason for that as the balances (not the history) are in the UTXO set.
I now started bitcoin-qt with the original wallet.dat file. The bitcoins in the watch only addresses are now visible. I then imported the private key of one of the addresses but the move of the bitcoins from "Watch only" to "Spendable" was not visible in bitcoin-qt. However, after a restart of bitcoin-qt the funds were visible in the "Spendable" section of the wallet. I then did a transaction to another address. Now in this case I want the change of the transaction to stay within MY "watch only" addresses and they shouldn't move to the (arbitrary) addresses created when the wallet was created. This is fortunate possible in bitcoin-qt. You have to choose in bitcoin-qt:
Settings -> Options -> Wallet -> Enable coin controle features.
It is then possible to choose the return address to be one of the watch only addresses (with or without bitcoins in them). It all worked just fine! It is not clear to me why bitcoin-qt has the option to "importprunedfunds", that doesn't seem necessary.
Of course, a big thank you to all developers who implemented the currently available great features.
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