Bitcoin-Handelsvolumen in Venezuela erreicht neues Allzeithoch

BTC Google Trends by Region - Mostly 3rd and 1st World Countries

It makes perfect sense BTC is popular in such countries on the brink of disaster as Venezuela, African Countries or even Turkey and Argentina. It also figures that the most rich pals like Swiss and Dutch inhabitants, Germans and Austrians research and usually by extension stack Btc - not only they have money, but also foresight and decent education. For me what looks to be missing in this equation is more middle tiemedium income countries from Europe and Asia.
What's your take on that?
PS It's also worth bearing in mind that there is almost 100% correlation between google trends and btc price - looks like the trends starting to pick up with btc holding well above 11 K
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KYC is absolutely not acceptable for MakerDAO!

I've heard that founder of MakerDAO is not strictly against KYC. I have a message to whole community and specifically to a founder of MakerDAO Rune Christensen. I will explain using concrete examples why having KYC in MakerDAO is a grave mistake and it will lead to MakerDAO fork.
Many people in the first world never actually understand why financial privacy and financial inclusion is important. Even people (in the first world) who seemingly supportive of such ideas are not able to provide any concrete examples of why it's actually important.
Unfortunately, I was born in a "wrong" country (Uzbekistan) and I experienced first hand what financial exclusion actually means. I know first hand that annoying feeling when you read polite, boilerplate rejection letter from financial institution based in first world. So I had to become practical libertarian. I'm going to give you concrete examples of financial discrimination against me. Then I'm going to explain fundamental reasons why it happens. And finally, I'm going to explain my vision for DAI.
Back in 2005, I lived in Uzbekistan. I had an idea to invest in US stocks. I was very naive and I didn't know anything about investing, compliance, bank transfers, KYC etc. All I knew is nice long term charts of US stocks and what P/E means. I didn't contact any US brokerage but I checked information about account opening and how to transfer money there. I approached local bank in Uzbekistan and asked how to transfer money to Bank of New York. Banker's face was like - WOW, WTF?!?! They asked me to go to private room to talk with senior manager. Senior manager of local bank in Uzbekistan asked me why I wanted to transfer money to US. They told me that it's absolutely impossible to transfer money to US/EU and pretty much anywhere. I approached nearly every local bank in the town and they told me the same.
In 2012, I already lived in Moscow and acquired Russian citizenship. I got back to my old idea - investing in US stocks. I called to many US brokerages and all of them politely rejected me. Usually when I called I asked them if I can open an account with them. They told me to hold on line. After long pause, I was able to speak with "senior" support who politely explain me that Russia in their list of restricted countries and they can't open an account for me. Finally, I was able to open an account with OptionsXpress. Next challenge was to convince local Russian bank to transfer money to US. Back then in 2012, I was able to get permission to do so. So you might say - is this happy end?
Fast forwarding US brokerage story to 2017, OptionsXpress was acquired by Charles Schwab. I was notified that my OptionsXpress account will be migrated to Charles Schwab platform. In 2017, I already lived in the Netherlands (but still having Russian citizenship). I wasn't happy with my stupid job in the Netherlands. I called Charles Schwab and asked if I quit my job in the Netherlands and have to return to Russia, what will happen with my account. Schwab told me that they will restrict my account, so I can't do anything except closing my account. So even if I was long term customer of OptionsXpress, Charles Schwab is not fully okay with me.
Going back to 2013, I still lived in Russia. I had another idea. What if I quit my job and build some SAAS platform (or whatever) and sell my stuff to US customers. So I need some website which accept US credit cards. I contacted my Russian bank (who previously allowed me to transfer money to OptionsXpress) about steps to make in order to accept US credit cards in Russia. I've been told explicitly in email that they won't allow me to accept US credit cards under any circumstances.
Back then I still believed in "the free west". So I thought - no problem, I will just open bank account abroad and do all operations from my foreign account. I planned vacation in Hong Kong. And Hong Kong is freest economy in the world. Looks like it's right place to open bank account. I contacted HSBC Hong Kong via email. Their general support assured me that I can open bank account with them if I'm foreigner. I flew to Hong Kong for vacation and visited HSBC branch. Of course, they rejected me. But they recommended me to visit last floor in their HQ building, they told me that another HSBC branch specializes on opening bank accounts for foreigners. I went there and they said minimum amount to open bank account is 10 mil HKD (1.27 mil USD). Later I learned that it's called private banking.
When I relocated to the Netherlands, I asked ABN Amro staff - what's happen with my bank account if I quit/lose my job in the Netherlands and have to return back to Russia. I've been told that I can't have my dutch bank account if I go back to Russia even if I already used their bank for 2+ years.
I still had idea that I would like to quit my job and do something for myself. The problem is that I'm Russian citizen and I don't have any residency which is independent from my employment. So if I quit my job in the Netherlands, I have to return back to Russia. I wanted to see how I would get payments from US/EU customers. I found Stripe Atlas, it's so exciting, they help you to incorporate in US, and even help with banking, all process of receiving credit card payments is very smooth. But as usual in my case, there is a catch - Russia in their list of restricted countries.
Speaking of centralized compliance-friendly (e.g. KYC) crypto exchanges. This year I live and work in Hong Kong. Earlier this year, I thought it would be nice to have an account at local crypto exchange in Hong Kong so I can quickly transfer money from my bank account in Hong Kong to crypto exchange using FPS (local payment system for fast bank transfers). What could go wrong? After all Hong Kong is freest economy in the world, right? I submitted KYC documents to crypto exchange called Weever including copy of my Hong Kong ID as they requested. They very quickly responded that they need copy of my passport as well. I submitted copy of my Russian passport. This time they got silent. After a few days, they sent me email saying that Russia is on the US Office of Foreign Assets Control sanction list, so they just require me to fill a form about source of the funds. I told them that the source of my funds is salary, my Hong Kong bank can confirm that along with my employment contract. They got very silent after I sent them a filled form. After a week of silence I asked them - when my account get approved? They said that their compliance office will review my application soon. And they got very silent again. I waited for two or three weeks. Then I asked them again. And I immediately got email with title - Rejection for Weever Account Opening. And text of email was:
We are sorry to inform you that Weever may not be able to accept your account opening application at this stage.
Exactly the same situation I had with one crypto exchange in Europe back in 2017. Luckily I have accounts at other crypto exchanges including Gemini, one of most compliance obsessed exchange in the world. Although I don't keep my money there because I can't trust them, who knows what might come into head of their compliance officer one sunny day.
By the way, I'm living and working outside of Russia for quite a few years. The situation with crypto exchanges is much worse for those who still living in Russia.
I give you a few other examples of financial discrimination is not related to troubles with my Russian citizenship.
Back in 2018, I still lived in the Netherlands. I logged in into my brokerage account just to buy US ETFs as I always do - SPY and QQQ. I placed my order and it failed to fill. I thought it's just a technical problem with my brokerage account. After a few failed attempts to send buy orders for SPY and QQQ, I contacted their support. What they told me was shocking and completely unexpected. They said I'm not permitted to buy US ETFs anymore as EU resident because EU passed a law to protect retail investors. So as a EU resident I'm allowed to be exposed to more risk by buying individual US stocks but I'm not allowed to reduce my risk by buying SPY because ... EU wants to protect me. I felt final result of new law. By the way, on paper their law looks fine.
And the final example. It's a known fact that US public market become less attractive in recent decades. Due to heavy regulatory burden companies prefer to go public very late. So if successful unicorn startup grows from its inception/genesis to late adoption, company's valuation would be 3-5 orders of orders of magnitude. For example, if valuation of successful company at inception is 1 Mil USD, then at its very latest stage it's valuation would be 10 Bil USD. So we have 10'000 times of growth. In the best case scenario, company would go public at 1 Bil USD 5-10 years before reaching its peak 10 Bil USD. So investors in private equity could enjoy 1000 fold growth and just leave for public only last 10 fold growth stretched in time. In the worst case scenario, company would go public at 10 Bil USD, i.e. at its historical peak. But there are well known platforms to buy shares of private companies, one of such platforms is Forge Global. You can buy shares of almost all blue chip startups. You can even invest in SpaceX! But as always, there is a catch - US government wants to protect not just US citizens but all people in the world (sounds ridiculous, right?). US law requires you to have 1 Mil USD net worth or 200'000 USD annual income if you want to buy shares of non-public company. So if you are high-net worth individual you can be called "accredited investor". Funny thing is that the law intends to protect US citizens but even if you are not US citizen and never even lived in US, this law is still applies to you in practice. So if you are "poor loser", platforms like Forge Global will reject you.
So high-net worth individuals have access and opportunity to Bitcoin-style multi-magnitude growth every 5-10 years. Contrary to private equity markets, US public markets is low risk/low return type of market. If you have small amount of capital, it's just glorified way to protect yourself from inflation plus some little return on top. It's not bad, US public market is a still great way to store your wealth. But I'm deeply convinced that for small capital you must seek fundamentally different type of market - high risk/high return. It's just historical luck that Bitcoin/Ethereum/etc were available for general public from day one. But in reality, viral/exponential growth is happening quite often. It's just you don't have access to such type of markets due to regulatory reasons.
I intentionally described these examples of financial discrimination in full details as I experienced them because I do feel that vast majority of people in the first world honestly think that current financial system works just fine and only criminals and terrorists are banned. In reality that's not true at all. 99.999% of innocent people are completely cut off from modern financial system in the name of fighting against money laundering.
Here is a big picture why it's happening. There are rich countries (so called western world) and poor countries (so called third world). Financial wall is carefully built by two sides. Authoritarian leaders of poor countries almost always want full control over their population, they don't like market economy, and since market forces don't value their crappy legal system (because it works only for close friends of authoritarian leader) they must implement strict capital control. Otherwise, all capital will run away from their country because nobody really respects their crappy legal system. It only has value under heavy gun of government. Only friends of authoritarian leader can move their money out of country but not you.
Leaders of rich countries want to protect their economy from "dirty money" coming from third world. Since citizens of poor countries never vote for leaders of rich countries nobody really cares if rich country just ban everyone from poor country. It's the most lazy way to fight against money laundering - simply ban everyone from certain country.
Actually if you look deeper you will see that rich countries very rarely directly ban ordinary people from third world. Usually, there is no such law which doesn't allow me to open bank account somewhere in Europe as non-EU resident. What's really happens is that US/EU government implement very harsh penalties for financial institutions if anything ever goes wrong.
So what's actually happens is that financial institutions (banks, brokerages etc) do de-risking. This is the most important word you must know about traditional financial system!
So if you have wrong passport, financial institution (for example) bank from rich country just doesn't want to take any risks dealing with you even if you are willing to provide full documentation about your finances. It's well known fact that banks in Hong Kong, Europe, US like to unexpectedly shutdown accounts of thousands innocent businesses due to de-risking.
So it's actually de-risking is the real reason why I was rejected so many times by financial institutions in the first world!!! It's de-risking actually responsible for banning 99.999% of innocent people. So governments of rich democratic countries formally have clean hands because they are not banning ordinary people from third world directly. All dirty job is done by financial institutions but governments are well aware of that, it's just more convenient way to discriminate. And nobody actually cares! Ordinary citizens in rich countries are never exposed to such problems and they really don't care about people in third world, after all they are not citizens of US/EU/UK/CH/CA/HK/SG/JP/AU/NZ.
And now are you ready for the most hilarious part? If you are big corrupt bureaucrat from Russia you are actually welcome by the first world financial institutions! All Russian's junta keep their stolen money all across Europe and even in US. You might wonder how this is possible if the western financial system is so aggressive in de-risking.
Here is a simple equation which financial institution should solve when they decide whether to open an account for you or not:
Y - R = net profit
Y - how much profit they can make with you;
R - how much regulatory risk they take while working with you;
That's it! It's very simple equation. So if you are really big junta member from Russia you are actually welcome according to this equation. Banks have special name for serving (ultra) high-net worth individuals, it's called private banking. It's has nothing to do with the fact that bank is private. It's just fancy name for banking for rich.
So what's usually happen in real world. Some Estonian or Danish bank got caught with large scale money laundering from Russia. European leaders are ashamed in front of their voters. They implement new super harsh law against money laundering to keep their voters happy. Voters are ordinary people, they don't care about details of new regulations. So banks get scared and abruptly shutdown ALL accounts of Russian customers. And European voters are happy.
Modern money laundering laws are like shooting mouse in your house using bazooka! It's very efficient to kill mouse, right?
Now imagine world without financial borders. It's hard to do so because we are all get so used to current status quo of traditional financial system. But with additional effort you can start asking questions - if Internet economy is so global and it doesn't really matter where HQ of startup is located, why they are all concentrated in just a few tiny places like Silicon Valley and ... well, that's mostly it if you count the biggest unicorns!
Another question would be - why so many talented russian, indian, chinese programmers just go to the same places like San Francisco, London and make super rich companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple to get even richer? If all you need is laptop and access to internet, why you don't see any trade happening between first and third world?
Well actually there is a trade between first and third world but it's not exactly what I want to see. Usually third world countries sell their natural resources through giant corporations to the first world.
So it's possible to get access to the first world market from third world but this access usually granted only to big and established companies (and usually it means not innovative).
Unicorns are created through massive parallel experiment. Every week bunch of new startups are created in Silicon Valley. Thousands and thousands startups are created in Silicon Valley with almost instant access to global market. Just by law of large numbers you have a very few of them who later become unicorns and dominate the world.
But if you have wrong passport and you are located in "wrong" country where every attempt to access global market is very costly, then you most likely not to start innovative startup in the first place. In the best case scenario, you just create either local business or just local copy-paste startup (copied from the west) oriented on (relatively small) domestic market. Obviously in such setup it's predictable that places like Silicon Valley will have giant advantage and as a result all unicorns get concentrated in just a few tiny places.
In the world without financial barriers there will be much smaller gap between rich and poor countries. With low barrier of entry, it won't be a game when winner takes all.
Whole architecture of decentralized cryptocurrencies is intended to remove middle man and make transactions permissionless. Governments are inherently opposite to that, they are centralized and permissioned. Therefore, decentralized cryptocurrencies are fundamentally incompatible with traditional financial system which is full of middle mans and regulations (i.e. permissions).
Real value of crypto are coming from third world, not the first world. People are buying crypto in rich countries just want to invest. Their financial system and their fiat money are more or less already working for them. So there is no immediate urgency to get rid of fiat money in the first world. So the first world citizens buying crypto on centralized KYCd exchanges are essentially making side bet on the success of crypto in third world.
Real and natural environment of cryptocurrencies is actually dark OTC market in places like Venezuela and China.
But cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have a big limitation to wide adoption in third world - high volatility.
So the real target audience is oppressed (both by their own government and by first world governments) ordinary citizens of third world countries yet they are least who can afford to take burden of high volatility.
Right now, Tether is a big thing for dark markets across the world (by the way, dark market doesn't automatically imply bad!). But Tether soon or later be smashed by US/EU regulators.
The only real and working permissionless stable cryptocurrency (avoiding hyped word - stablecoin) is DAI.
DAI is the currency for post-Tether world to lead dark OTC market around the world and subvert fiat currencies of oppressive third world governments.
Once DAI become de-facto widespread currency in shadow economy in all of third world, then it will be accepted (after many huge push backs from governments) as a new reality. I'm talking about 10-20+ years time horizon.
But if MakerDAO chooses the route of being compliance friendly then DAI will lose its real target audience (i.e. third world).
I can not imagine US/EU calmly tolerate someone buying US stocks and using as a collateral to issue another security (i.e. DAI) which is going to be traded somewhere in Venezuela! You can not be compliance friendly and serve people in Venezuela.
Facebook's Libra was stupidest thing I've seen. It's extremely stupid to ask permission from the first world regulators to serve third world and create borderless economy. Another stupid thing is to please third world governments as well. For example, Libra (if ever run) will not serve Indian, Chinese, Venezuelan people. Who is then going to use stupid Libra? Hipsters in Silicon Valley? Why? US dollars are good enough already.
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So much shit is going on around the world however, Bitcoin is not moving much

During the past years I always thought I could see some correlation between a terrible thing happening in the world, which might influence the market, and the price of Bitcoin. More specifically in most cases the Bitcoin price would rise while e.g. stock prices would fall.
In recent times we had or still have conflicts concerning: - Hong Kong - Iran and Strait of Hormuz, influencing oil trade which has always been a major driver of the economy - We had our fair share of Trump activity which influenced Bitcoin prices, however the recent impeachment announcement didn't seem to have much of an impact - There are messages of the population of Venezuela and the Central Bank hoarding Bitcoin however, for a population of 38 million people I would have thought this would have had a bigger impact in the price and more specifically transaction volume, as Venezuela could actually be one of the first places where it was actually used as a currency and not for HODLING. - ECB started quantitative easing again while some (the Dutch and German) Central banks are fiercely against - Last week there where messages about the US and QE or quietly printing 75 billion
Finally I think adoption rate after being around for more than a decade is (at least in the Netherlands) low. People do not know how to use it, are scared of using it, or don't see the importance of using it. One of the reasons contribution to a low adaption rate in the Netherlands I think is banks seeing some of the technological improvements of Bitcoin and implementing it. Of course banks do not and cannot implement all the good stuff from Bitcoin as it is simply not compatible with the banking system, they can however implement some nice features the fiat muggles care about most. Most predominantly fast transactions and have now also introduced it e.g. Tikkie (which is an app to transmit small transactions almost instantly).
While I still believe in Bitcoin and Blockchain, after all these years, and all this shit happening in the wold, if the rest of the fiat muggles still do not understand Bitcoin when will be the moment they do?
Considering low adoption rate and little to no price influence of recent events I start to lose trust in the growth of Bitcoin, in the growth of the Bitcoin price and finally in seeing Bitcoin as an investment.
Edit: typo
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Weekly Wrap 10/01

Market Wrap
This last week saw a strong rally across the board in the crypto markets as Bitcoin was brought up from $7,200 to a high of $8,450 alongside rallies in oil and gold with the escalating tensions between the United States and Iran. Bitcoin then saw a sharp reversal down to $7,700 as Trump announced that the US would be backing away from further military confrontation. Bitcoin closes the week +8.26% up. Ethereum followed a similar pattern, going from $127 to a peak of $147 before reversing to $135 for a +5.82% gain.
Alts saw an active recovery with Bitcoin SV (BSV), leading the gains with an impressive +20.50%, followed by a +18.76% gain in Monero (XMR).
Industry News
Other News
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Weekly Wrap 10/01

Market Wrap
This last week saw a strong rally across the board in the crypto markets as Bitcoin was brought up from $7,200 to a high of $8,450 alongside rallies in oil and gold with the escalating tensions between the United States and Iran. Bitcoin then saw a sharp reversal down to $7,700 as Trump announced that the US would be backing away from further military confrontation. Bitcoin closes the week +8.26% up. Ethereum followed a similar pattern, going from $127 to a peak of $147 before reversing to $135 for a +5.82% gain.
Alts saw an active recovery with Bitcoin SV (BSV), leading the gains with an impressive +20.50%, followed by a +18.76% gain in Monero (XMR).
Industry News
Other News
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I'm trying to put together a list of what's coming out this year. Have this very simple list so far. Anyone care to add anything or suggest some better dates?

Latest News (most recent first) - Instant channels enable safe Lightning payments with unconfirmed funding Beta - Feb 10, 2019 - Voyager, New trading app from Uber & E-Trade execs announce launch date - Feb 9, 2019 - bumi/blockstream_satellite ruby gem for the Blockstream Satellite API - Feb 8, 2019 - New Zap Desktop 0.3.4 is out. New features, massive performance - Feb 8, 2019 - New release: @lightning desktop app v0.4.0-alpha - Feb 8, 2019 - valerio-vaccaro/Liquid-dashboard - Feb 7, 2019 - Japanese SBI Holdings will allow trading of coins - March 2019 - lnd v0.5.2-beta released - Feb 6, 2019 - Koala studios launches online LN gaming platform - Feb 6, 2019 - Independent Reserve has become the first #crypto exchange in Australia to be insured, with coverage underwritten by Lloyd's of London. - Feb 6, 2019 - Coinbase announces BTC support for their mobile (keep your own keys) wallet - Feb 6, 2019 - Blockstream published a new open source Proof of Reserves tool. - Feb 5, 2019 - RTL release v0.1.14-alpha - Feb 5, 2019 - dr-orlovsky/typhon-spec spec for new trestles side chain published - Feb 5, 2019 - Payment requests coming soon to BTCPay. - Feb 5th, 2019 - Kraken Acquires Futures Startup In Deal Worth At Least $100 Million - Feb 5th, 2019 - Next Blockchain cruise scheduled for June 9-13 - Feb 4, 2019 - Work on a GoTenna plugin to Electrum wallet in progress - Feb 4, 2019 - Bitcoin Candy Dispensers being open sourced - Feb 4, 2019 - New release of JoinMarket v0.5.3 - Feb 4, 2019 - Prime Trust won’t charge its clients to custody digital assets any longer. - Feb 4, 2019 - nodogsplash/nodogsplash wifi access using LN - Feb 3, 2019 - @tippin_me Receive tips using Lightning Network adds message feature - Feb 3, 2019 - Bitcoin-for-Taxes Bill in NH Unanimously Approved by House Subcommittee - Feb 3, 2019 - Full support for native segwit merged into bitcoinj - Feb 3, 2019 - Bitfury is partnering with financial services firm Final Frontier! - Feb 2, 2019 - Now you can open #LightningNetwork channels in @LightningJoule - Feb 2, 2019 - Integrating Blockstream’s Liquid payments on SideShift AI - Feb 1, 2019 - Wyoming legislature passes bill to recognize cryptocurrency as money - Feb 1, 2019 - Casa is open sourcing the code for the Casa Node - Feb 1, 2019 - Casa Browser Extension released - v0.5.2-beta-rc6 of lnd, full release getting very close now - Feb 1, 2019 - Tallycoin adds subscriptions and paywall features in bid to rival Patreon - Jan 31, 2019 - Static channel backup PR merged into LN - Jan 31, 2019 - The NYDFS grants another Bitlicense to ATM operator - Jan 31, 2019 - @pwuille currently proposing the “MiniScript” language to describe BTC output locking conditions for practical composition - Jan 31, 2019 - Fidelity is in the “final testing” phase for its new digital asset business - Jan 31, 2019 - Hardware wallet PR #109 just got merged so that @Trezor no longer requires user interaction for PIN - Jan 31, 2019 - CBOE, VanEck & SolidX filed a new & improved bitcoin ETF proposal. - Jan 31, 2019 - Casa Node code is now open sourced - Jan 31, 2019 - Next Bitoin halving in roughly 497 days - Jan 31, 2019 - BTCPay released - Jan 31, 2019 - @binance now lets users purchase cryptos using Visa and Mastercard credit. - Jan 31, 2019 - Bitfury to Launch Bitcoin Operations in Paraguay - Jan 31, 2019 - Coinbase introduces very generous affiliate program - Jan 30, 2019 - DOJO Trusted Node bitcoin full node. Coming Early 2019 - Jan 30, 2019 - Enables Cash-for-Bitcoin Exchange Via the Lightning Network - Jan 30, 2019 - TD Ameritrade says clients want cryptocurrency investment options - company plans major announcement in 'first half of 2019' - Jan 30, 2019 - Storage component of Fidelity's @DigitalAssets live, with some assets under management, @nikhileshde - Jan 29, 2019 - lightning mainnet has reached 600 BTC capacity - Jan 29, 2019 - Drivechain shows picture of Grin side chain and suggests might be ready in 2 month - Jan 29, 2019 - Lightning labs iOS neutrino wallet in testing stage now - Jan 29, 2019 - Aliant offering cryptocurrency processing free-of-charge - Jan 29, 2019 - Chainstone’s Regulator product to manage assets on the way - Jan 29, 2019 - Fidelity Investments’ new crypto custody service may officially launch in March. - Jan 29, 2019 - Gemini's becomes FIRST crypto EXCHANGE and CUSTODIAN to complete a SOC 2 Review by Deloitte - Jan 29, 2019 - Iran has lifted the ban on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency - Jan 29, 2019 - Confidential Transactions being added into Litecoin announcement - Jan 28, 2019 - Enables Cash-for-Bitcoin Exchange Via the Lightning Network - Jan 28, 2019 - Germany’s largest online food delivery platform now accepts btc - Jan 27, 2019 - Launching a Bitcoin Developers School in Switzerland - Jan 27, 2019 - RTL release v0.1.13-alpha Lightning Build repository released - Jan 27, 2019 - The first pay-per-page fantasy novel available to Lightning Network. - Jan 27, 2019 - Numerous tools become available to write messages transmitted with Blockstream Satellite - Jan 26, 2019; - BTCPay released - Jan 26,2019 - WordPress + WooCommerce + BTCPay Plugin is now live - Jan 25, 2019 - Juan Guaido has been promoting #Bitcoin since 2014 is new interim president of Venezuela - Jan 25, 2019 - Morgan Creek funds @RealBlocks - Jan 25, 2019 - Coinbase integrates TurboTax - Jan 25, 2019 - Robinhood received Bitlicense - Jan 25, 2019 - Anchor Labs launches custody - Jan 25, 2019 - NYSE Arca files w/ @BitwiseInvest for BTC ETF approval - Jan 25, 2019 - South Korea, Seoul, Busan & Jeju Island currently working to create pro crypto economic zones. - Jan 25, 2019 - valerio-vaccaro/Liquid-dashboard - Jan 25, 2019 - Bermuda to launch crypto friendly bank - Jan 25, 2019 - Mobile Bitcoin Wallet BRD Raises $15 Million, Plans for Expansion in Asia - Jan 25, 2019 - BullBitcoin rolling out alpha access of platform - Jan 25, 2019 - Electrum Wallet Release 3.3.3 - Jan 25, 2019 - Bitrefill, purchase Bitcoin and have it delivered directly over LN - Jan 25, 2019 - South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb looking to go public in USA - Jan 24, 2019 - Bitcoin Exchanges Don’t Need Money Transmitter Licenses in Pennsylvania - Jan 24, 2019 - US; New Hampshire Bill Aims to Legalize Bitcoin for State Payments in 2020 - Jan 24, 2019 - Robinhood, LibertyX Receive Licenses from New York Regulators - Jan 24, 2019 - Bakkt Bitcoin futures contract details released - Jan 24, 2019 - Blockstream CryptoFeed V3 now includes 30+ venues and 200M+ updates per day - Jan 24, 2019 - Binance Jersey – The Latest Binance European Exchange - Jan 2019
Commit Activity
Nodes and Market Dominance
ASIC Miners:
Will update this section when I hear new developments
Hardware wallets:
LN Apps:
LN Extensions / Launchers
LN Desktop wallets:
LN Mobile wallets:
LN Network:
LN Nodes:
LN Plugins:
LN Services:
Liquid Network
Please comment if you have any ideas on dates. Many of these dates are placeholders waiting for me to update. If you comment then I will update the post.
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r/Bitcoin recap - August 2019

Hi Bitcoiners!
I’m back with the 32nd monthly Bitcoin news recap.
For those unfamiliar, each day I pick out the most popularelevant/interesting stories in Bitcoin and save them. At the end of the month I release them in one batch, to give you an overview of what happened in bitcoin over the past month.
You can see recaps of the previous months on
A recap of Bitcoin in August 2019
Development * Bitcoin Core Developer Andrew Chow is straming his code tests on Twitch (7 Aug)
Regulation & Politics
Archeology (Financial Incumbents)
Price & Trading
Fun & Other
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Venezuela and the Maduro government: Effortpost

I will try and outline my thoughts on the Venezuela crisis and Maduro, and why I believe Canada's support for overthrowing the government should be resisted.
First off Maduro: The Maduro government has made many mistakes that deserve criticism.
Now on to the fact that Venezuela is a target of regime change and has been since Chavez was first elected in 1999. The first US backed coup d'etat, celebrated by the New York Times, happened in his first term in 2002, and was prompted by his increased nationalization of the Venezuelan oil industry and land reform. After the coup d'etat failed (due to massive protests by the Venezuelan populace), the Venezuelan oil executives then engaged in a 2 year long lockout to force Chavez to rescind his increased nationalization. When that failed and he was re-elected in 2007, the US refused to recognize him as the president of Venezuela.
The combination of missteps and ham-handed authoritarianism with deliberate exacerbation of the oil-price driven decline and IMF instituted hyperinflationary crisis have all combined together to bring immense suffering to the Venezuelan people, and the drive is to make conditions so terrible that Maduro is overthrown simply to get relief. The truth is that should Maduro be overthrown the result will be post-USSR shock therapy, privatizing the oil industry and intense austerity which will make the current crisis seem like a holiday. Despite the mistakes and authoritarian turn of the Maduro government, the alternative is much worse. Venezuela must be given the opportunity to find their own way out of this political and economic crisis, sanctions must end to give Venezuela's people relief. Things are bad now but things can always be worse, and we should focus on making things better for Venezuela, not throwing them to the wolves of disaster capitalism.
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[Wednesday, 07. August]

World News

Venezuela, Uruguay, Japan warn citizens about traveling to the US because of mass shootings
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Domino's is stockpiling pizza ingredients to protect against a disorderly Brexit
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Hong Kong police tear skirt, underwear off female protester, sparking public wrath
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All news, US and international.

Boy Scouts of America have a 'pedophile epidemic' and are hiding hundreds in its ranks, lawyers claim
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Nurse charged with scamming holocaust survivor out of life savings
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Florida governor orders state criminal probe into Jeffrey Epstein case
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Researchers reveal AI weaknesses by developing more than 1,200 questions that, while easy for people to answer, stump the best computer answering systems today. The system that learns to master these questions will have a better understanding of language than any system currently in existence.
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Marijuana legalization reduces opioid deaths, according to a new study, which found that legalization and access to recreational marijuana reduced annual opioid mortality in the range of 20% to 35%, with particularly pronounced effects for synthetic opioids.
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An estimated one in 300 people may have genes that make them more likely to wake up extremely early: between three and five in the morning. According to a new study (n=2,422) those genes may run in families.
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A Crashed Israeli Spacecraft Spilled Tardigrades on the Moon
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It’s time for tighter regulation of how Facebook and Google use our data - Big tech’s power has reached a tipping point. Governments must set some ground rules
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Bitcoin expert scams a scammer, donates the money to charity
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Sadly, this is not the Onion.

University Professor: Men Don't Recycle Because They Don't Want People Thinking They're Gay
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Turkmenistan's leader does doughnuts next to flaming crater to prove he's not dead
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Doctors Now Have To Warn Women Not To Stick Wasp Nests In Their Lady Parts
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Ask Reddit...

What part of your Personality do you Fake?
You’ve got the Midas touch but only for one specific object. What do you pick that keeps you rich but doesn’t overly inconvenience your life?
What creepypasta scared you so much it wouldn't stop bothering you?


I just wrote my first SQL query from scratch with multiple JOINs. I feel like a wizard
What all the stuff in email headers means—and how to sniff out spoofing
CEO Phishing Question: How did they get a hold of this information?

Microsoft SQL Server

I think I'm overcomplicating this.
EncryptByKey vs EncryptByPassphrase - I'm having trouble seeing why the former is PCI compliant while the latter is not.
How to detect a distributed availability group forwarder


Get-UserChoice - a wrapper around $host.ui.PromptForChoice
VM build script
PSCrowdstrike: Powershell Module for Crowdstrike API

Functional 3D Printing

Bill weight for an old register at where I work
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Hey guys we made a 3d printed scalable pen plotter. If you want to check it I'll leave the link in the comments!
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This toothpaste squeezer I found on thingiverse
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Data Is Beautiful

[OC] We created a tool to visualise direct flights over weather statistics for a given month
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Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang's 2018-19 Premier League shot map [OC]
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[OC] 2019 AP Exam Score Distributions
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Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL After an internet vote for a new middle name, Macaulay Culkin legally changed his name to Macaulay Macaulay Culkin Culkin.
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TIL that the opening track to Slipknot’s album “Iowa” titled “515” wasn’t just random screaming. Sid Wilson was having an emotional breakdown in the studio because he wasn’t able to make it home to tell his grandfather goodbye before he died.
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TIL that when roach poisons claim to kill the whole nest, it's not because roaches share food with others. Roaches are cannibals and a single dose of poison can often be eaten many times and still be deadly.
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So many books, so little time

I just read Player Piano and now i hate my job.
I’m J. Michael Straczynski, AKA JMS and we're having an AMA to commemorate the release of my autobiography Becoming Superman we're here to have a freewheeling back-and-forth on the TV series movies and comic books I've worked on.
Unpopular Opinions on the Classics

OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

My Great-Grandfather standing at the top of the Washington Monument. (1934)
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Rollerskating in California, 1979.
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My mom in 1984, 20 years old
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The finger prints on the f35 touch screen display.
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F-22 turning on a dime at oshkosh airventure last week
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A very rare and old Boeing 727-100, with only 4 in operation in the whole world
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Reddit Pics

She's in someone's locket, 1940s.
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Protector of the Ball
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Dutch police save dog from hot car
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

Electrolytic tig weld cleaning
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Excuse me, you need to move
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Nicest Merge Ever.
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

Surprising daughter with a kitten.
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I reserved this username for anticipation for when I finally got a dog and last weekend it happened! Everyone, meet Toast!
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Me when I smelled durian.
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In case you missed it: Major Crypto and Blockchain News from the week ending 12/14/2018

Developments in Financial Services

Regulatory Environment

General News

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    3. Kamala Harris Hopes You'll Forget Her Record as a Drug Warrior and Draconian Prosecutor (484 points, 50 comments)
    4. After the Supreme Court Said Unions Can’t Force Non-Members to Pay Dues, Almost All of Them Stopped (445 points, 123 comments)
    5. Why the Hammer and Sickle Should Be Treated Like the Swastika (423 points, 56 comments)
    6. No One Is Coming to Rescue You—Especially Not a Presidential Candidate (416 points, 28 comments)
    7. AOC's Green New Deal Is a U.S. Version of Mao’s Disastrous Great Leap Forward (412 points, 82 comments)
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    10. Victims of Communism Day 2019 (402 points, 96 comments)
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    4. Another brutally honest comment on the US army post (630 points, 79 comments)
    5. Amazon will donate 2% of purchases to the charity of your choice at no cost to you. I chose the Ludwig Von Mises Institute, they received $3,500 in donations this quarter! Please use and choose a charity! (615 points, 150 comments)
    6. Assange has reportedly been arrested by British Police after a sudden and illegal termination of his asylum. Sad proof of the dark times for all supporters of freedom in the internet age :( (571 points, 198 comments)
    7. The perfect woman doesn't exis... (504 points, 52 comments)
    8. What most Americans have been indoctrinated to think. (493 points, 23 comments)
    9. TIL that farmers in USA are hacking their John Deere tractors with Ukrainian firmware, which seems to be the only way to actually own the machines and their software, rather than rent them for lifetime from John Deere. (478 points, 114 comments)
    10. Anarchapulco: Ron Paul takes the stage... (468 points, 37 comments)
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    2. Spread this far and wide! (654 points, 146 comments)
    3. Colorado sheriff is willing to go to jail rather than enforce a proposed gun-seizing law... (644 points, 52 comments)
    4. Ocasio-Cortez falls for the Sweden Socialism meme: "I’m Going to Turn America into Another Sweden, Not Venezuela" --- the Swedish are constantly bemused by this, they're more capitalistic than the US is (613 points, 143 comments)
    5. Jury awards Sen. Rand Paul $580,000 in civil suit against neighbor who attacked him (577 points, 78 comments)
    6. Supreme Court poised to limit police power to seize property --- fucking finally (456 points, 44 comments)
    7. Ancap Flag Painting (439 points, 30 comments)
    8. Former Reddit CEO Pao: "Regulation will give them an excuse to take on people and their bad behavior." --- Regulation against hate speech would give companies cover to censor political opponents in a way that they wouldn't have to take personal responsibility for. The Gov forced them, they can say. (411 points, 80 comments)
    9. Chinese driver gets ticket for scratching his face because AI software thought he was using a cellphone :| (374 points, 27 comments)
    10. With Government Shut Down, Citizens Forced To Interfere In Their Own Lives (361 points, 16 comments)
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    1. After Winning a $15 Minimum Wage, Fast Food Workers Now Battle Unfair Firings (590 points, 296 comments)
    2. TIL a Japanese sushi chain CEO majorly contributed to a drop in piracy off the Somalian coast by providing the pirates with training as tuna fishermen (546 points, 27 comments)
    3. Sign from protest against proposed "Red Flag" law in New Hampshire. (442 points, 71 comments)
    4. In 3 Years, Cops Have Killed 450% More Citizens Than 4 Decades of Mass Shootings COMBINED (348 points, 107 comments)
    5. Some Uganda libertarians just started a liberty library! (336 points, 30 comments)
    6. 3D-printed guns are back, and this time they are unstoppable (330 points, 73 comments)
    7. Venezuela Raises Minimum Wage 3,000% and Lots of Workers Get Fired (322 points, 38 comments)
    8. The effects of hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. (287 points, 21 comments)
    9. End the war in Afghanistan :: Rand Paul's AFGHAN Service Act would put an end to Afghanistan. (276 points, 40 comments)
    10. My husband, Rand Paul, and our family have suffered intimidation and threats (273 points, 74 comments)
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    2. Venezuela Isn’t Just a Failed State. It’s a Failure of Socialism. (350 points, 84 comments)
    3. 19 in 20 Americans Don't Know World Poverty is Falling | Chelsea Follett (339 points, 64 comments)
    4. /Economics/ discovers Property Rights as a solution to Climate change. (256 points, 63 comments)
    5. Why the Left Isn't Convinced by Your Economics Arguments | Ryan McMaken (197 points, 251 comments)
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    8. If Imports Were Truly Bad for an Economy, Military Blockades Would Not Exist (173 points, 60 comments)
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    3. Milton Friedman on Tariffs (363 points, 69 comments)
    4. Trump quietly signs largest wilderness preservation bill (354 points, 88 comments)
    5. Muslim youth group cleans up national parks amid government shutdown (Private individuals taking care of things, I thought only the State could handle this task) (307 points, 24 comments)
    6. I was optimistic about the French Protests... Until I read their demands (304 points, 175 comments)
    7. "imagine checks without taxes" Almost 100k likes on Twitter (292 points, 56 comments)
    8. PepsiCo sues 4 Indian farmers for $150,000 each for ‘infringing its rights’ by growing the potato variety used in its Lays chips (285 points, 72 comments)
    9. Yellow vests: Protesters in Paris set fire to dozens of cars in anger at millionaire Notre Dame donations - Demonstrators voice frustration at equivalent of £770m raised for cathedral while workers' demands remain unmet (277 points, 77 comments)
    10. Next Venezuela: Bolivia rolls out Universal Healthcare (240 points, 46 comments)
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    2. Voters in Switzerland approve stronger gun control laws by nearly two-thirds despite resistance (304 points, 155 comments)
    3. Mom Arrested For Leaving 8- and 9-Year-Olds Home Alone for Less Than an Hour (264 points, 69 comments)
    4. Bartender charged for serving man who allegedly went on to kill 8 people (259 points, 148 comments)
    5. The Insane Battle To Sabotage a New Apartment Building Explains San Francisco's Housing Crisis (193 points, 78 comments)
    6. U.S. Student Loan Debt Sets Record, Doubling Since Recession (175 points, 72 comments)
    7. Chinese teens are rejecting Communist Party propaganda and the government is freaking out (167 points, 29 comments)
    8. Julian Assange offers job to fired Google employee who wrote "anti-diversity" memo - "Censorship is for losers." (161 points, 50 comments)
    9. Ben Shapiro's view on Assange arrest is getting him roasted by many of his fans in the YT comment section. Hilarious! (159 points, 124 comments)
    10. Africans are being sold as slaves in Libya. Thanks, Hillary Clinton. (156 points, 22 comments)
  8. 2862 points, 10 submissions: vfhuuuuu
    1. "The welfare state is the oldest con game in the world. First you take people's money away quietly and then you give some of it back to them flamboyantly" - Thomas Sowell (613 points, 51 comments)
    2. Only about 21% of American millionaires have received any inheritance at all, with only 3% receiving over $1,000,000, study shows. (558 points, 99 comments)
    3. I basically just sat through 6 hours of statist propaganda (304 points, 113 comments)
    4. TIL that you're not required to wear a seat belt in New Hampshire if you're over 18 (304 points, 81 comments)
    5. Latinos are twice as likely to vote Libertarian than the general population (303 points, 130 comments)
    6. A Christmas Carol: A play about a greedy man becoming generous through social interaction, not state-sanctioned violence. (238 points, 30 comments)
    7. Last month, Washington DC raised taxes on Uber and Lyft to pay for it's shitty Metro system. To give you an idea of what this money will be used for; the city plans on spending $320 Million dollars to build ONE station. (162 points, 50 comments)
    8. In Bermuda, where Black and White people make roughly equal amounts of money, the IQ gap between races does not exist. (151 points, 193 comments)
    9. Just a quick reminder that the Republican party is just as anti-liberty as the Democrats, and "Libertarians" that support it should be ignored and downvoted. (117 points, 106 comments)
    10. Being a Gay Communist is as ironic as being a Jewish Neo-Nazi. (112 points, 65 comments)
  9. 2768 points, 7 submissions: LosFajitas
    1. When a capitalist tries to sell his product or service for the highest price they can get, they are seen as greedy. When a worker tries to sell their labor for the highest price they can get, they are seen as noble and deserving. (488 points, 138 comments)
    2. Liberals: We need to end the two party system! *Howard Schultz announces possible presidential run as an independent * Liberals: WOAAAHH THERE BUDDY SLOW DOWN! (444 points, 54 comments)
    3. I'm looking forward to the Democratic Primary because it's going to be one giant competition on who can give people the most free things. (408 points, 132 comments)
    4. It's no longer about revenue, taxes are now punitive measures. (400 points, 134 comments)
    5. "Judges Plead Guilty in Scheme to Jail Youths for Profit" oh but that can never happen in gov courts (358 points, 67 comments)
    6. Andrew Yang is one of the most arrogant people I have ever seen speak (355 points, 243 comments)
    7. Anyone else hate when people refer to a presidential candidate as "the person who will save this country" (315 points, 34 comments)
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    2. Paul Krugman (Nobel 2008) (321 points, 52 comments)
    3. If you want #bitcoin to rise, teach Austrian Economics to people. (212 points, 167 comments)
    4. "A lot of people disagree with me, but I think people should be happy to pay taxes" < Obama to brazilians (210 points, 62 comments)
    5. Dutch national newspaper urges people to sell all their Bitcoins as it undermines the government, could destabilise the economy and reduces the power of central banks. Sounds like a reason to buy to me (192 points, 32 comments)
    6. US socialists can't deal against brazilians (167 points, 39 comments)
    7. Could someone please explain this? (161 points, 23 comments)
    8. Guns Law in Brazil is very restricted. 63880 deaths by year. (154 points, 27 comments)
    9. Look this answer (123 points, 134 comments)
    10. Congratulations To Bolivarian Socialism - Venezuela Now Has To Import Oil From The US (120 points, 18 comments)

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  1. Does that sound like a work of a journalist? by deleted (1064 points, 115 comments)
  2. Laws for thee but not for me! Cop destroys civilian property and flips off citizen, citizen flips him back and gets mobbed by cops by Anen-o-me (936 points, 308 comments)
  3. The Most Perfect Libertarian Meme I Ever Did See... "Unchecked People" by Anenome5 (843 points, 45 comments)
  4. Capitalism's Evil Quest... by Anen-o-me (827 points, 77 comments)
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  6. Free Assange by Anen-o-me (714 points, 77 comments)
  7. Man who lives in massive palace surrounded by priceless art and catered to by staff of thousands asks if people really need so many material objects by TheJucheisLoose (690 points, 75 comments)
  8. His name was Gary Webb. by TrainingWeekend (675 points, 66 comments)
  9. Presented without comment by newimprovement (658 points, 152 comments)
  10. Spread this far and wide! by Anenome5 (654 points, 146 comments)

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  2. 272 points: locolarue's comment in I was optimistic about the French Protests... Until I read their demands
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  4. 247 points: hairguythrowaway4171's comment in Lawmakers in Hawaii Propose Repealing Second Amendment
  5. 245 points: kurwacudownie's comment in Cop slaps phone out of teens hand and flips off teen.
  6. 240 points: properal's comment in Were doomed: "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's 70% tax on the super-rich is more popular than Trump's tax cuts, new poll shows" --- democracy sucks.
  7. 239 points: MizchiefKilz's comment in Americans Continue to Flee to Low-Tax States
  8. 235 points: TheKleen's comment in Don’t Lower the Voting Age, Raise It
  9. 231 points: Boltrag's comment in After Winning a $15 Minimum Wage, Fast Food Workers Now Battle Unfair Firings
  10. 229 points: MarshmellowPotatoPie's comment in Does that sound like a work of a journalist?
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Here is why Bitcoin is no bubble

Some good comments I found on the internet:
"As long as people don't understand the Bitcoin system the spread fear will always cause dumps. Tulip and Bitcoin lol. Even compared to 2009 or the bubble there are many differences to Bitcoin. But the most important difference to understand is the following: The very definition of a bubble in the sense of bankers and "experts" is that a price rises without an appropriate countervalue. This happened with the tulip mania (flowers!), bubble (fomo in companies without any working products) and the housing bubble (granted credits without an countervalue -> to keep it simple). So what’s about Bitcoin? Well, Bitcoin has an countervalue and this value rises steadily. Its the cost to mine one. Every generated Bitcoin costs a significant amount of fiat money which represents its countervalue. - By the way to wipe out the argument "Bitcoin, as a digital currency is, is nothing worth is utter bullshit". A number printed on paper is worth nothing if you see it like that. Bitcoin is here to stay. It’s worth something. The market cap is very high because of demand, yes. This demand is mostly caused by fomo at the moment, yes. But Bitcoin has a significant countervalue and is built on a system which manages itself and is not controlled by a corporation with greedy managers who make money on the back of others. The market decides whats going on.
Bitcoin has been arround for over 10 years. This is nothing compared to tulip bulbs. Lmfao this is hilarious, more like digital gold.
This comparision is stupid. Tulips are easy to grow. They could make a tulip for everyone that’s what crashed the market. There are 21 million Bitcoins forever. That’s it. Bitcoin could be more valuable than gold. We don’t know how much gold there is in the ground, but there are21 million Bitcoins and everyone is gonna want a piece of that.
Bitcoin is a store of value, a tulip is a flower. The ‘Bitcoin Bubble’ is often compared to the tulip bubble that started in 1636 and rose over 6000% in a number of years. The tulip bubble was when tulips were brought into Holland from Turkey and the Dutch loved the novelty of this new, rare flower. As different colours and patterns of this flower emerged into the Dutch market, it became a fashion statement to own such rare flowers. In simple economic terms, the rarity of the flower (supply) was significantly over-weighed by the demand of the Dutch society, and let to the point where people were selling their houses, land and life savings for a flower! Why would they do such a thing? Because they believed that the tulip price would forever rise. The fear of missing out on a potential profit lead the whole nation into believing that a flower was worth more than a house. Many people argue that this is the case with Bitcoin, I strongly disagree with this comparison because Bitcoin and all the other cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology that will revolutionise the way we live. Blockchain technology is not a fashion statement. It is global in scale and once implemented will provides tremendous value to society. Just like the internet did when it was introduced.
They are already doing it. They know there will only be 21 million Bitcoins. Unlike their FIAT which is printed at will and the central bankers can go negative or do a Crypress and do a bail in. Decentralized money is the future. Hate all you want. I don't care I will lost my ass on bitcoin as I have the past 5 years :).
Its users are investors until its hits critical mass then the daily swings will be less volatile and it will function with moderate price swings. At 1% adoption rates this is basically the internet in 1996.
70 million accounts and coinbase alone is addding 500,000 a week. All the Bitcoin HODLers haven't sold they have went out and educated the masses about it the past 5 years. We are at the beginning of the biggest wealth transfer in history as the paper garbage central bankers print to infinity has an alternative.
Absurd. Tulip bulbs are a good, Bitcoin is a currency. The more investors the higher the confidence and the less likely for value to drop.
Isn't Fiat paper money the biggest bubble in history? Considering it's not backed by gold or any property and it can be printed. I would say Bitcoin is Fiat currency 2.0 the only difference is that Bitcoin can't ever become a bigger bubble than paper money due to its limited supply of coins.
My point is that both Bitcoin and Fiat currency is fake money. If you think Fiat currency is real than I have a bridge I want to sell you. In terms of fake money, Bitcoin is better because there is a limited supply. Ask people in Venezuela how their paper money is working for them. They learned the hard way, that's it's paper and a big bubble. I would take Bitcoin over Fiat any day of the week. Gold is the only real money that exists, there's a reason governments stake gold.
The value is that it’s safe, limited, digital and that its decentralized. That is all it takes. I think it’s here to stay. Governments and their media hate it of course.
The banks/fiat currency are the biggest bubble. How much money do "the people" of the world owe? $200+ trillion. That’s a huge bubble, but we allow the banks to continue with their BS. 200 trillion from interest (money from nowhere).
The tulip analogy is a really bad example. Tulips are: A. Perishable. B. Non divisible. C. Not easily transported. Therefore they could never be classed as currency.
1-If internet goes down, BTC will be the least of your worries 2-If internet somehow gets shut down then banks will not be able to make payments. 3- And most important, there are alternatives to sending btc via internet that EXIST TODAY already. Bitcoin can be transmitted via satellite (, via sms ( and there is even secure USB sticks with Bitcoin (coolest tech) (
What is gold's intrinsic value? You make jewelry from it? For $1300 an ounce? How much would it dropped if it would only be used for jewelry, electronics, etc. and not store of value? I would say over 90%. But you are right, gold is backed by its properties, just like Bitcoin.
What’s common with all bubbles it that the commodity has no real value. Tulips are flowers, real estate market was terribly overpriced, pyramidal schemes offer a stupid idea. Bitcoin is an invention, like railroad and electricity it provides a service of digital gold, but it's much more safe than gold and easy to transport. No one can print new Bitcoins. An no one can restrict it.
Everybody looks at Bitcoin, nothing else. Whatever you do, don't look at Central Banks printing confetti or heaven forbid please please DO NOT look at the derivatives bubble. Derivatives are in essence just bets placed upon other bets by gamblers with little to no ethics or morality but this is so considered safe and legit by the establishment, lol."
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The cryptobubble is a symptom of more

The following article was written by Olav Dirkmaat, professor of economics at the University of Francisco Marroquín in Guatemala, and translator of the masterpiece Human Action by Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises in Dutch ('Human action'). He previously worked at both GoldRepublic and Nxchange. He is also a PhD candidate in economics at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Spain.
I would like to share these thoughts with the community. Not because I believe in them, but because there are some good arguments in the article and I think other viewing points to crypto will in the end make crypto win.
What are your thoughts about the article? (If you liked the discussion or the article, please vote me up. If you disliked the article, but think discussing crypto is a good thing, don't vote me down :P)
When there is an (artificial) economic expansion, driven by cheap credit and too low interest rates, we know that sooner or later things will go wrong. What we do not know is exactly how it goes wrong. We only know that - at artificially low interest rates - some ill investments are made in certain sectors. In the 1990s, it was (starting) internet companies, domain names and the NASDAQ. In the run-up to the 2008 crisis, it was predominantly house prices, (amateur) property speculators and mortgage lenders. And this time? Where do bubbles form?
We have previously discussed how - thanks to artificially low interest rates - equities are again overvalued, mainly technology companies. But also the recent craziness in the crypto coins can not be overlooked. In a few months Bitcoin rose to a record high of almost $ 20,000 dollars. Many crypto investors seemed to become dormant rich; even gold investors began to doubt why they were investing in precious metal and not the crypto-mired mists. While (in the 90s) some amateur speculators in domain names became very quickly very rich, this time amateur speculators get rich in crypto coins. Just like domain names then, crypto coins are now - unfortunately - the victims of speculative excesses.
Do you still doubt if crypto coins are in a bubble? Take the Dell share. Dell is a company that I invested in just before the acquisition by Michael Dell himself (and accomplices). Dell is a technology company whose stock price first scored less than a dollar but within a short time frame reached a record high of nearly $ 55 dollars per share. During the dotcom bubble, Dell was one of the many internet companies that achieved a billion dollar valuation.
Why do I call Dell? Very simple. Dell was (and is) a valuable company with products, customers, distribution channels and revenues. But the price paid in 2000 for a Dell share was simply excessive.
We must be very careful that we never mix price and value. And when we pay too much for something, even though it is valuable, it is not a sensible investment. Unfortunately, many crypto investors do not seem to have learned this ancient lesson.
I hope to have some credit with you. After all, I have been familiar with the crypto coins for years. Since 2013 I own a Bitcoin fraction and since 2014 I have nice amounts of Ripple (XRP). I still visited the cryptocongresses when only nerds and libertarians visited them, and men in suits were still absent. I will certainly not become the next Bitcoin millionaire, but I am more than familiar with the opportunities and limitations of this new technology. I even had the chance to spend time this year with Nick Szabo, a crypto veteran who already invented the forerunner of Bitcoin in 1998.
Although I am a fan of this technological revolution, I warn of a bubble. A bubble that even harms Bitcoin does not help. Bitcoin does not benefit from the current mania. And according to my conviction, even the biggest Bitcoin defender can not but admit that there is an enormous crypto soap bubble.
The most important quality of money is that it is a unit of account (a "unit of account" in English). And Bitcoin's current popularity is aggravating volatility rather than reducing volatility. Less volatility means a more stable unit of account. Note: the problem is not that there is "deflation" because the Bitcoin appreciates (rises in price). There is nothing wrong with that. Prices can adapt perfectly to a rising currency. Just like prices nowadays - as a rule - adapt perfectly to a falling currency (central banks aim at at least two percent annual inflation which eats away the purchasing power of our money). The problem is that the price of a Bitcoin is far too unstable to ever be money or a unit of account. The following joke shows immediately what the problem is:
We are talking about day volatility here. The bitcoin price can increase or decrease by ten to twenty percent in question, something that would be exceptional in the precious metal market, for example in the case of the gold price. The current speculation and buying drive of a larger, largely ignorant public - only makes the bitcoin price more unstable. The volatility is getting worse, not better. The question is whether the introduction of forward contracts (futures) can change this. Last weeks, bitcoinfutures were introduced on both the CME and the Cboe. According to the theory, a forward market reduces price volatility, but it remains to be seen who has the stomach to resist the volatility of bitcoin prices. If we currently look at the liquidity on these bitcoin futures markets and the number of contracts traded, then the conclusion is that these futures markets (unlike other raw materials) will not solve Bitcoin's volatility problem.
Some Bitcoin supporters, however, still believe that Bitcoin is not a bubble. They want to silence "doom-thinkers". The Bitcoin has, according to them, absolute value in a world full of fiat money. Admittedly, our current financial system is very fragile and has enough problems. But that does not mean that Bitcoin is valuable. Bitcoin has the problem that it is too volatile to actually serve as a currency or an effective means of exchange. This does not matter in some contexts (take Venezuela, where capital controls are a reality and the currency, the Venezuelan Bolivar, is as unstable as Bitcoin itself), but in the context of developed countries such as the Netherlands or the United States, it does. Moreover, Bitcoin seems to be losing its own success, given the enormous waiting times and the huge transaction costs (lastly, a Bitcoin transaction cost about thirty dollars).
And who is currently buying Bitcoin to use it as money? The answer is: nobody. There are only investors who buy it in the hope of selling it later (and the term is getting shorter and shorter). The only "real" transaction that takes place are investors who have already made a good profit and want to "cash out" a part by exchanging these for gold, goods or real estate. Okay, nobody is perhaps exaggerated: there is a limited group of Chinese (and Venezuelans / Nigerians) who want to circumvent capital controls in their countries and find a way to get money out of the country. But that is really not enough for the current price of well over $ 10,000.
Then there is the argument that the question will first be speculative, with the origin of investors hoping to earn a profit by buying Bitcoin well before that moment. This question would "stabilize" the price and reduce volatility over time. However, the evidence seems to point the other way at the moment. Even though the current Bitcoin price would be justified by fundamentals, there is still a cryptobubble. But even then, if we accept the above arguments for the sake of simplicity and pretend that Bitcoin already has a lot of fundamental value (that is, it is used as a means of exchange), even the biggest Bitcoin defenders have to admit that there is a cryptobubble.
Why? The reason is simple. Bitcoin is not the only crypto coin. And that while there is a strong "winner takes all" effect in the money industry. A coin has value because many people want it and actually use it. A dominant currency therefore quickly has a large market share. Take for example the dollar and the euro, the two largest coins in the world, also the most liquid coins in the world. But the same principle also applies in cryptoland. We can never use five hundred different coins; no fiat coins nor crypto coins.
So how can someone explain that there are more than a hundred cryptocurrences with a valuation of more than one hundred million dollars? And how can it be explained that there are more than five hundred crypto coins with a valuation of one million or more? If Bitcoin really were so valuable, and there is no question of a cryptobubble, then the Bitcoin price would be followed by at most some complementary coins (Ether, Ripple?), But certainly not by hundreds of other competing crypto coins. Let alone that these, predominantly worthless, crypto coins earn millions valuations. In other words, if someone wants to dismiss a cryptobubble by stating that the current Bitcoin price is justified by the fundamental value and usefulness of Bitcoin, then surely that does not apply to the 500+ other crypto coins?
The cryptobubble can not be denied. This is one for the history books. This chapter in monetary history will probably go down in the books as the cryptobubble. At the next crisis, investors will enter the boat again. Make sure you do not let yourself be led by the issues of the day. As a gold investor, do not be fooled by friends and family who seem to double their money every week. Patience pays off, as always, on the stock market. It is about the long term, not the short term. And gambling is not investing.
The cryptobubble is accompanied by a huge bubble elsewhere: mainly the stock market and large parts of the bond market. The current zero interest rates are destroying markets. And as I said earlier, we do not know in advance where the soap bubbles form, just that bubbles form. But now we know that one of those soap bubbles is the cryptobubble.
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BitBay Community Update - Bounty List

We are excited to announce that the following aspects of the bounty list have been assigned to the marketing team under the coordination of our Head of Marketing, Toomuchfun. To accept a bounty, simply apply for it. If you feel the price for a bounty should be increased you may also let us know your reason and we could potentially do so if it makes sense. To keep up with the momentum we have steadily been building our marketing team, we have decided the best path forward is for marketing to focus on completing these tasks in the immediate short term:
Rewrite Halo documentation
Organize and post a treasure hunts
Assist in new PR campaign
Manage Facebook marketing campaign
Manage Reddit marketing campaign
Improve “Official” Facebook page
YouTube videos about BitBay
SEO Bitcointalk Thread and Website
Create Signature Artwork
The following bounty tasks are available if anyone would like to put their names forward to contribute:
Graphics Designer
Make a GIF of the “software in action” - $50 Needs screenshots of markets, list of features with diversity of screenshots compelling marketing and nice animation. Seeing is believing we can use this to post on forums Requirements: Must have a background in graphic design or marketing Consult with Aletha before beginning
Make Infographic - $50 SYS, Open Bazaar vs Bitbay - Revised. Make people understand there is no comparison. We have 2 party escrow and 100s of features. I don't even think OB has wallet functions. You may have to download the competitions wallet to know how far ahead we are. ETH vs BitBay infographic - Consult with David first so he can make bullet points. The themes are: Our smart contracts apply more to real world situations, ETH is bloatware our stuff is all P2P, we have a user interface and they don't have demo contracts, we have hundreds of features within their wallet yet the mist client is goofy and doesn't let me select text. Do a serious comparison, take notes and report your opinion of differences. ETH has the advantage of being able to issue tokens and do fancy contracts and programmable accounting. A great advantage and although they can do double deposit it required 3 years of work for me to make the user interface, user experience etc and currently we are STILL the only software in the world that does contracting between peers. ETH has a protocol but no UI or demo contracts or way for peers to reach out to each other. Redesign BitcoinTalk OP infographics - Consult with Craig yet real graphic design Requirements: Must have background in graphic design or marketing Redesign of “About BAY” infographic.
Client bug bounty – $25 Coding bugs only. UI discrepancies do not count Requirements: None - feel free to try out every feature you can. If you find any bugs post them in the #support channel on Slack or on Bitcointalk Make sure you turn ‘on’ your ‘create debug file upon exit’ feature found in your general settings tab
Public Marketing Bounties:
Find a list of PR firms – $10 Rank your favorite PR firm first, talk to a few and see their outreach, compare prices and let us know which one you think is the best fit for us to hire. Can we reach a larger audience? Is there a Chinese PR firm?! Bonus if you find one that’s cheap. Requirements: Inquire with Aletha before beginning
YouTube videos about BitBay - $0.01 per subscriber Get a youtuber to talk about BitBay and potentially interview a veteran community member or talk about bitbay in general. This is only if they are posting relevant content as a girl who does makeup videos should not be talking about Bitbay. If more than 500 usd in bounties are paid and we don't see effects we might change the bounty reward If the youtube has more than 100,000 subscribers you get a $100 bonus up to 5 of these bounties can be redeemed before a review. If the youtube has a million subscribers or more we don't care if their content is relevant. It could be a hot chick who normally talks about makeup and we will still take it. Requirements: Inquire with Aletha before beginning
Placement on new Exchanges campaign – $25 - $1000 That link sorts exchanges by volume. Although it’s true that the peg will make us obsolete to exchanges that don't want to work with us, we need to tap into the Chinese market and hopefully Polo (take a guess which one we will pay 1000 for). Smaller exchanges with almost no volume will get a lower reward and we will base what we pay entirely on volume. The TOP exchanges get a greater reward. But just because it’s the top doesn't mean it will get the maximum reward. The current budget for this will not exceed $3000 dollars until our core team reviews the effects of the new exchanges. IF there are costs involved approve those with us first and we will decide if to pursue said exchange. Requirements: Inquire with Aletha before beginning
Video Production
Video SEO campaign - $25 per video + costs (max 10 videos) Start grabbing keywords to optimize easy videos. As not only do videos rank on google immediately but they usually rank at the top because google owns youtube. Keywords:"smart contracts" "unbreakable contracts" "decentralized markets" "rolling peg" "bitbay" and maybe run analytics on other keywords. If you want to split the bounty two people can work on this, one to manage SEO keyword research and another to create the videos. If the video is not cool or compelling we reserve the right to reject the attempt to claim this. So talk to core to make sure we like it. The payment of this job may be increased. Might require two people, one with video SEO expertise and one who makes good videos for the keywords. Requirements: Inquire with Aletha before beginning
“Quality” posts to forums and news articles with good traffic - Price varies based on “quality” of post and location Post to bitcointalk especially in communities we haven't tapped like Chinese OP. Do NOT SPAM the forums, space out your comments. Do things right, trolling will not be paid and no bots or abusing the bounty. In order to get paid submit links to the comments so we can confirm your count. We will give you a bonus for finding a new relevant forum. Do people post to topix? Where do the chinese post? What forums other than bitcointalk garner traffic? Reddit is included here so this bounty applies to reddit. Make sure the posts are quality. Not all slack members will qualify for this bounty as people should want to promote this way anyways because they love the project. So please ask us before you start. However we need to start reaching out more. Commenting on news articles is allowed if its not trolling or obvious marketing of our project and it must be on articles that are actually related to the subject. Contact us for GIFs Requirements: Inquire with Aletha or Craig before beginning or else you will not receive any bounty.
Translate Bitcointalk OP - $30 per translation Translate to chinese, russian, greek, spanish, dutch, french, arabic, hindi. The site will have a plugin that allows visitors to edit so this can be easily managed from freelancer or upwork. Requirements Inquire with Translator Manager(s) before beginning
Manage Chinese and/or Spanish communities - $20 per week per community Our target markets are China and Venezuela cash buyers. Currently both countries have a hard time getting into crypto and our software solves that problems with trustless wires. We can increase payment if you can put in significant hours. Reach out on QQ and make a list of platforms that are used in China or forums they go to in order to talk about crypto. Contact their media outlets and bloggers and vloggers. Should probably speak the language but if we don't have anyone who does then take the bounty and use google translation until someone is found to take your place Requirements Inquire with Aletha before beginning
Web Designer
Web Developer Update website – $1000 Contact us for all the details. You may need to take a moment to be familiar with the project. Requirements: Inquire with Aletha and David Zimbeck
We are very fortunate to have such a strong community that it may be the case we have several volunteers working the same tasks. No doubt the marketing team will also end up with additional volunteer tasks to distribute as we start to implement their strategy.
So for now, I would invite anyone interested in these tasks to make themselves known. Please be aware the focus is on quality, not quantity, so if you’re struggling for time, please be realistic with what tasks you can manage over a 4-8-week timeframe.
Here is an updated list of our current marketing team. I would welcome them to assign themselves for the bounty tasks as well as anyone currently not listed in a specific role who may be interested.
Head of Marketing – TooMuchFun
Marketing assistant(s) - Lude - Nozulan - Spoink – Mctjin – Rafa – Alfonsorodz
Web Dev(s) – TBA soon
Web Security – Gitgud
Graphic Designer(s) – JurrasicPizza, and Jbar2797
Video producers – Lowercase – Mctjin
Team assistants – Gitgud – Ratatackeur – xxotakuxx
SEO specialist - silvervox325
Writers – BitBay_guy – GjSteele
Music – Mctjin
Social Media Manager(s) – BitBay_Guy – Mctjin – GjSteele – Lude
BitBay Developers – David Zimbeck – Anoxy – Thehiddenconifold - majd1239 - andreasp1994
Marketplace Manager(s) – rqdxrocket, Jimmyb
Support Manager(s) – Seeking Positions Requirements Must have thorough knowledge of the Client Patience when working with others
Translation Manager(s) – Seeking Position
submitted by BitBaydev to BitBay [link] [comments]

Dr. Daniele Ganser: Venezuela 2019 - Ein gescheiterter ... Venezuela - Zondag met Lubach (S07) - YouTube Krise in Venezuela spitzt sich zu - YouTube vpro zondag met lubach - YouTube The Blockchain Documentary (MUST SEE!) - Bitcoin

Venezuela ist schon seit längerem stark von der Inflation getroffen. Entsprechend haben sich viele Bürger nach einer zuverlässigen Alternative zum Fiat-Finanzsystem umgesehen. Nun geht das Land einen Schritt weiter, denn das Start-up Cryptobuyer zielt nun auf den Aufbau des ersten Bitcoin-Knotens ab, der mit einem Satellitennetzwerk in Venezuela verbunden werden soll. Werbung. Unabhängig ... ist ein auf Spenden basiertes Projekt. Jede Spende ist willkommen und hilft bei der Entwicklung der Website. ... Venezuela. Cryptobuyer. Australia. Bitaroo BTC Markets CoinJar CoinSpot CoinTree Digital Surge HardBlock Independent Reserve Mine Digital Swyftx. New Zealand. Independent Reserve Kiwi-coin Mine Digital. Visit Buy Bitcoin Worldwide for user reviews on some of the above ... In Venezuela scheint die Regierung nicht länger gewillt, Bitcoin zu tolerieren. Einige Miner wurden verhaftet, nachdem eine Farm die Stromversorgung gefährdet hat, und die größte und einzige Börse des Landes verlor ihr Bankkonto. Der Begeisterung für Bitcoin scheint dies jedoch keinen Abbruch zu tun. Mit guten Gründen. Bitcoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies that got into the market and was accepted as a trade currency to obtain assets or services. Although Bitcoin is the most popular and most used cryptocurrency in Venezuela, like many other countries in the world, it is not the only one used in the country. Bitcoin’s limited supply Venezuela geldt als de hot spot in Latijns-Amerika op het gebied van Bitcoin mining. Door de olievoorraad is er goedkoop elektriciteit op te wekken en door de hyperinflatie van de lokale peso is de vraag naar Bitcoin groot. In Venezuela is mining nu gelegaliseerd, maar wel volledig onder staatstoezicht.

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Dr. Daniele Ganser: Venezuela 2019 - Ein gescheiterter ...

The Magical Crypto Friends Show Episode 39: Bitmain Forked In this episode we talk about: • Venezuelan government using Bitcoin • GBTC • Defi hack • Ebang IP... Der Schweizer Historiker und Friedensforscher Dr. Daniele Ganser sprach am 1. April 2019 in Nürnberg über den gescheiterten Putsch der USA in Venezuela im Fr... since 2010 Dutchsinse Die Krise in Venezuela spaltet die Weltgemeinschaft: Viele lateinamerikanische Staaten sowie die USA wollen den Wechsel. Russland hingegen sieht Maduro als l... Volgens ons nieuwe kabinet verdient Venezuela bijzondere aandacht. Het land, de zuiderbuur van Curaçao, Bonaire en Aruba, loopt namelijk leeg omdat de econom...